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Building A Bird Feeder In Your Garden Or Yard - Planning & Tips

Aug 17,2022 |

Pick the perfect spot for a bird feeder

When humans buy real estate, it's all about location, location, location. Well, the same goes for bird feeders. Birds are very particular about where they eat, and they want to feel safe and secure while chowing down.

Ideally, bird feeders will be placed close enough to a tree, shrub, or bush that a bird could hide in quickly should a predator surface. But a bird feeder should never be too close to a nest, birdbath, or anywhere predators can sneak up on birds.

Decide between ready-to-install and homemade bird feeders

Once you've decided precisely where to place a birdhouse, you can start thinking about what kind of bird feeder might be best for your outdoor space.

DIY vs. prefabricated bird feeders

You have two options to choose from: a DIY bird feeder or a prefabricated bird feeder. Both have their pros and cons, of course. DIY bird feeders are super unique and can be a blast to create either yourself or with young children.

But even if you buy a ready-to-install bird feeder, there are tons of unique options out thereincluding those in Happy Gardens' handcrafted bird feeder, bird house, and bird bath collection.

Learn how to build a bird feeder

If you've decided to go with a homemade bird feeder, you'll want to start browsing the web for inspiration. There are tons of ideas out there, so you're sure to find some great inspiration if you keep an open mind.

Not sure where to start? Here's a round-up of some of our favorite DIY bird feeders:

DIY wine bottle bird feeder

You can use an upside-down wine bottle as a bird feeder! While this DIY project is a bit advanced and requires woodworking knowledge, you can find plans for a self-filling feeder here.

DIY plastic soda bottle bird feeder

A bird feeder made out of a plastic bottle.

This DIY feeder is perfect for kids and beginners. You won't need much more than an old bottle to cut a hole in, a wooden spoon, and a simple string to hang the feeder, either.

DIY mason jar bird feeder

This next DIY bird feeder uses an old mason jar in a fun way. Using a small, round chicken feeder, bird seed, twine, and a glue gun, you can quickly create a rustic bird feeder that's a cinch to hang from a tree, post, or clothesline.

DIY flower pot bird feeder

Finally, you can use an old flower pot to create a hanging bird feeder. This adorable ideawhich even features a cute perchrequires a flower pot, two terra cotta saucers, and a few other tools.

Gather all the materials for a DIY bird feeder

Once you've settled on a DIY bird feeder project, it's time to get started. The first step is gathering everything you'll need to create a beautiful bird feeder, from a milk carton to peanut butter to bird seed to paint, glue, and wood.

Most DIY bird feeder projects call for upcycled materials, like vintage teacups, wooden spoons, old cups and glasses, and everyday craft supplies like a drill, glue, and paint.

We highly recommend reading your project's instructions twice before getting started. Trust us; you don't want to realize you don't have a tool to create drill holes once you're halfway through your craft.