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Middle Finger Egg Decoration
Middle Finger Egg Decoration
Middle Finger Egg Decoration
Middle Finger Egg Decoration
Middle Finger Egg Decoration
Middle Finger Egg Decoration
Middle Finger Egg Decoration
Middle Finger Egg Decoration
Middle Finger Egg Decoration

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✨Are you ready to sharpen your sense of humor? Say hello to 3D printed middle Finger gift eggs - the cheekiest, most witty and hilarious addition to your collection of gag gifts and novelty items!

🌈Give that special someone/friend a meaningful egg! This awesome 3D printed surprise gift egg is about 4.72 inches tall, and the middle finger is still inside the egg, not sticking out. You are responsible for who you give this gift to, it is a joke or prank gift.

Features That Make You Laugh

🤣 Endless laughter: Our middle egg isn't just a toy, it's a giggling masterpiece. One moment it's just a colored egg, the next it's a middle finger. The sheer unexpectedness of all this was met with endless laughter.

🤡 The classic meets the odd: The Middle Egg combines the timeless simplicity of the finger gesture we all know with a quirky twist. It's a modern take on a classic joke and is sure to be the life of the party.

🎉 Perfect party trick: Whether you're attending a wild celebration, a cozy get-together, or just hanging out with friends, this finger has you covered. It's a party trick waiting to happen - an icebreaker guaranteed to get everyone talking and laughing.

🌟 Instant Mood Boost: Feeling down? Hold a 3D printed gift egg and watch your troubles melt away. It's an instant mood lifter, stress reliever and laughter generator all rolled into one.

🥚So why should you touch 3D printed middle finger gift eggs? Because it's the ultimate antidote to boredom, the champion of comedy and the beacon of good vibes.

🎁Whether you give it to a friend as a gift, add it to your novelty collection, or just keep it for those "just because" moments, it's sure to be a great time to flip your fingers!🎀Don't take life too seriously - turn on the fun switch with a 3D printed middle finger gift egg today! 🖕 😄

✨ Product Details:
◻️ Material: PLA
◻️ Sizes: 2.36 x 4.72 inches
✨ You will receive:
◻️ Middle Egg Ornament *1
◻️ It is printed with PLA, so prolonged exposure to sunlight and/or high temperatures may cause it to deform.
◻️ Images may not reflect the actual color of the product due to differences in color reflections from different monitors or lights, backgrounds, etc.
◻️ Please allow a manual measurement error of 1-5 mm.